Document Management System (DMS) 

FilesAnywhere : We are the national partner of FilesAnywhere to market and support their international product in India. FilesAnywhere stores, manages, and organizes your documents and track every file activity. Enterprise Content Management and Document Management Systems are made for the enterprise. They provide all the security and scalability an enterprise needs, together with increasingly easy-to-use user interfaces.

Secure, Scalable On-Demand Solutions 

Drive success by streamlining workflow and consolidating data through one portal. Meet the need for synchronization, cross-platform compatibility, collaboration, and mobile solutions while providing a seamless user experience. 

Accessibility and Compatibility 

Data is the heart of your company and the private cloud can change the way you do business. Enhance the way data is shared across multiple locations, through different browsers and platforms, while increasing access in a secure environment.

Business Continuity  

  • System, site, or regional, and planned or unplanned outage protection.
  •  Disaster recovery and continuous availability.
  • No hardware or software required, just an internet connection.
  • Access to mission-critical data from any web-enabled device.
  • 30 days of historical records for up-to-the-minute versioning.
  • Ability to set up completely functional, off-site location with data access.
  • Built-in redundancy and n+3 fault tolerance.
  • Cost-effective colocation solution.
  • Azure solutions available for GDPR readiness in 54 regions & 140 countries.


  • Windows and Mac compatible.
  • Works in all popular web browsers, including Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  Monitored, controlled, single-portal gateway for employees.
  • Authorize guests, such as contractors and vendors, without the worry of system compatibility

Mobile Access  

  • Access your account from any web-enabled device.
  • Upload, share, view, edit, and receive files.
  • Collaborate with teams.
  • Use inbound email attachments to upload files to your account.
  • Fax documents anywhere in the world .

Advanced Options

  •   Compatible with all FTPS and SFTP applications.
  • Transfer files between computers on your network.
  • Access online software archives.
  • Enable a webfolder for direct access and the ability to work with your files locally.


  • Simple, wizard-based software.
  • Set up automated daily, weekly, or monthly backup jobs.  Never worry about changing tapes, or backing up to stacks of DVDs.
  • Incremental backups mean all your data is saved without wasting precious space.
  • Offsite storage keeps your data protected and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Data Restore 

  • Additional support for backup and synchronization efforts.
  • Daily snapshots provide a point-in-time look in addition to backup.
  •  Restore to previous versions at any time.
  • Retrieve and reinstate deleted files within 30 days.


  • Sync file changes in real-time and across devices.
  • Set up synchronization of complete folder structures in one or both directions.
  • Synchronize with any FTPS, SFTP, or WebDAV server.

File Sharing and Team Collaboration 

Data growth is projected to double year over year. Manage content sprawl and give your team the ability to collaborate, both in the office and in the field, through a single gateway and robust application.

  • Upload and Consolidate Content  
  • Version Control 
  • GroupShare 
  • FileShare and FileReceive Links 
  • Faxing 

Cheque Scanner

Scanning Speed

up to 120 cheques per min

Duty Cycle



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